The best product on the market!

A combination of Mineral, Vitamins, Probiotics, Yeast, Digestive enzymes and mycotoxin Scavenger ideal for increasing milk production and reducing mastitis rates.

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A complete vitamin supplement, which can be used for lactating cows and also for pre-calving. It is recommended that pre-calf cows receive the supplement so that they can breed without lowering immunity.

The combination of all nutrients is perfect for increasing the animal’s immunity. 

Indication for use: Mix daily in roughage or feed.

Recommended daily doses: 20 to 40 grams animal day. Start dosing 21 days before the expected delivery date.

Benefits and main functions of Max Leite

Increases milk production

Increased milk production by up to 15%.

The combination of yeasts, MOS and probiotics increase the bacterial flora of the rumen, improving the digestion of roughage and feed fibers, providing greater absorption of nutrients, which results in more milk.

In addition, we have increased production due to the absence of mastitis and stress.

Eliminates stress

Very accentuated in dairy herds and main immun depressant, impairing the absorption of food and medicines, compromising the production and health of the cow

Enhances immune defenses

Increases resistance to infections

Probiotics are fundamental in immunological activity, associated with Mananoligosaccharide, activate the bone marrow to produce antibodies that, in turn, need a large amount of vitamins and mineral microelements, present in Max Leite, to also produce a large amount of antibodies sufficient to face attacks by bacteria and other pathogens, which cause various infections.

Combats the incidence of subclinical mastitis

Lowering CCS and improving milk quality.

Studies show reduction of CCS by up to 57%

Reduces antibiotic use by 90%

With the reduction it is possible to avoid the disposal of milk.

Higher fertility index

Prevents placental retention

When serving Max Leite along with pre-calving diets, the producer will be providing excellent nutritional conditions for his cows to have calving without incidence of vitular fever, retention of placenta and metritis. In a field test, uterine involution was confirmed between 12 and 15 days after delivery and normal ovulation at 21 days postpartum.

Increased appetite, elimination of stress

Better feed conversion

Greater ruminal flora and the presence of vitamins and other natural components, present in Max Leite, stimulate food intake, showing a significant improvement in cows' appetite, especially in the summer, when appetite is aggravated by heat stress.


Helps control mycotoxins

4 a 8 semanas para o aumento em até 10% do período de lactação

Controla o CCS (Contagem de Célula Somática)

Fortalecimentos dos cascos

Estudos comprovam redução de CCS em até 57%

Maior digestibilidade e maior absorção de nutrientes

Pode ser adicionado em qualquer suplemento mineral do mercado

Aumento de produção de leite em até 15%

Ajuda regular cio (prevenindo cios falsos)

Aumenta o nível reprodutivo

É um Simbiótico (Prebióticos + Probióticos)

Protetor hepático, aumenta a resistência a infecções

4 to 8 weeks for an increase of up to 10% in the lactation period

Controls somatic cell count (CCS)

Increases the reproductive level

Studies show reduction of CCS by up to 57%

Greater digestibility and greater absorption of nutrients

Can be added to any mineral supplement on the market

Increased milk production by up to 15%

Hoof strengthening

Liver protector, increases resistance to infections

Regular estrus help (preventing false lashes)

Is a Symbiotic (Prebiotics + Probiotics)


The product does not dispense with the use of traditional mineral supplement, as it does not have in its composition all sources of macro and micro minerals. This product does not dispense with the use of mineral salt.