The only product in Brazil capaz de tratar todos os principais problemas da vaca com apenas 1 produtoThe

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Max Leite is a vitamin supplement produced to increase milk production and reduce mastitis rates.

Supplied for lactating cows and also for pre-calving. It is recommended that pre-calf cows receive the supplement so that they can breed without lowering immunity.

Max Leite has the perfect combination of minerals, vitamins, probiotics, yeasts, enzymes and mycotoxin scavenger to increase the animal’s immunity. Animal with high immunity is healthy animal.

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Many benefits for your herd

Aumenta a imunidade

Increases immunity

Probiotics, vitamins and minerals are key to boosting immunity

Aumenta a produção leiteira

Increases milk production

Yeast, prebiotic, probiotic and digestive enzymes will improve food digestibility and keep PH stable


Mocotoxin sequester

Activated charcoal called bentonite has 75% proven effectiveness against mycotoxins.

Reduz o CCS em até 57%

Reduces CCs by up to 57%

Between 14 and 16 of use, studies show a significant reduction in CCS

Reduz a mastite

Reduces mastitis

Combats the incidence of mastitis, lowering CCS and improving milk quality

At first I was very suspicious of the promise, to increase milk, to reduce CCS, to strengthen reproduction, to strengthen hooves, to prevent LINA and diarrhea, but as I tested several products, it was Max Leite's turn, I tell everyone who asks me, I just paid the first bucket and then the results paid for the product, bringing me only benefits, I am going for the 3 year of use, and I can guarantee, in this I TRUST and RECOMMEND MAX LEITE!
Linha Cordilheira - Dionísio Cerqueira
I am a customer for 3 years, I stopped using it to test another product that was miraculous, cheaper and stronger according to the seller, in this change I lost a lot of money, I returned with Max Leite and everything improved, today I never change again, I already discarded a lot milk, and today thanks to Max Leite we managed to enjoy 100% and my CCS is stabilized, I have no more scares, In our property Only Max Leite enters, “I RECOMMEND MAX LEITE !!!
Vila Santo Antônio RS
I use and recommend Max Leite, I have used many products and none has given me as much profit as Max Leite, I have been a client for almost 4 years, today I have my CCS under control, reproductive problems almost ZERO, I no longer use antibiotics, and I have never had hoof problem, MAX LEITE I RECOMMEND !!!
Linha Linha Cotovelo - Lindóia do Sul

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