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Vitamin supplementation has guaranteed a high return for breeders

The company Max Leite, is located in the city of Concórdia Santa and beautiful Catarina, our mission is to bring technology to the dairy property, we are always looking for technologies around the world to have the best mineral supplement on the market.

We seek to make a product never seen before in the world, we have made an analysis of the most common problems of dairy cows, and we have developed a single product to treat all these problems at once, such as: hoof problem, ruminal deficiency, low immunity, difficulty reproductive, low production, high CCS, diarrhea, and LINA milk, which is why today we have fantastic results, by improving a little of each problem we manage to keep the animal’s health balanced throughout lactation.

With all these benefits we will obviously have an increase in productivity and much more profit, studies show that in a period of 12 months using Max Leite we will notice a reduction in the use of antibiotics of up to 90%, an increase in production of up to 15% and a reduction up to 57% of CCS.

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More than 300,000 animals with increased milk production

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10.000 properties

In 200 municipalities

Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul

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A complete vitamin supplement, which can be used for lactating cows and also for pre-calving.